Two Podcasts I've been Enjoying Recently

2014-05-21 16:57:02 -0400

Since I've moved offices to WeWork Chinatown, I have about a 20 minute commute on Metro. The nice thing about commutes is that you have some downtime, which recently I've been using to listen to podcasts.  If you're looking for podcast recommendations, two good ones are Monocle's The Entrepreneurs and the Tim Ferriss Show.

The Entrepreneurs kind of makes you feel like you are listening to BBC's World Service or NPR, but the content is focused on business and entrepreneurship. It has a refreshing international and non-technology bent, which is great for getting out of the U.S. technology world and realizing that every new business doesn't need to be a website started in San Francisco!

The Tim Ferriss Show is by the author of the Four Hour Body and Four Hour Workweek, both NY Times bestsellers. The format is much longer than The Entrepreneurs, and is more of a conversation than a highly-produced magazine-style show. There are only a few episodes of this one, but so far the guests have been very interesting and Tim does a good job interviewing them in depth.