Mapbox Studio Creation - OSM Hiking Map

2015-05-13 11:00:49 -0400

I've been experimenting with Mapbox Studio, which is an awesome way to create maps without the pain of setting up a server or downloading Open Street Map data.

The way Mapbox Studio works is that Mapbox has pre-rendered vector tiles from Open Street Map at all 22 standard zoom levels. Mapbox has also pre-rendered hill shading tiles and contour lines! You just need to style them with CartoCSS, which is as easy as it sounds (if you know CSS).

They have a bunch of great starter styles, one of which is Mapbox Outdoors. I modified that to make it a little better for hiking by adjusting the trail labels and making trails more prominent.

You can get the CartoCSS for the hiking map here and see a demo of the hiking map here.

Here's Great Falls, Maryland with my changes.

{% picture wp/uploads/2015/05/great-falls.png %}