Abstract Classes with Static Methods in ES2015

ES2105 classes have much better support for static method patterns than traditional ways of doing it in ES5.

In ES2015, there are actually two prototype chains in classes: one for instance methods and one for static methods. This means you can use super and this in a static method, and it works as expected.

This makes using an abstract class pattern much easier. Here’s an example:

'use strict';

class AbstractShape {
  static get SHAPE_NAME() {
    throw new Error(
      'must specify a SHAPE_NAME in your subclass of ' +

  static get englishName() {
    return this.SHAPE_NAME['en-US'];

  static get spanishName() {
    return this.SHAPE_NAME['en-MX'];

class Square extends AbstractShape {
  static get SHAPE_NAME() {
    return {
      'en-US': 'square',
      'es-MX': 'cuadrado'

console.log(Square.englishName); // -> 'square'
console.log(Square.spanishName); // -> 'cuadrado'
console.log(AbstractShape.englishName); // Throws an Error

A few things that are interesting with ES2015 static methods:

static get englishName() { return AbstractShape.SHAPE_NAME['en-US']; }

I’m guessing is the reason for this is that classes are not hoisted in ES2015.

More class posts coming soon!